Privacy Policy

On our site we do not automatically collect any personal information from visitors or users. All personal information collected is with the express consent of the user.

Some features of this site require you to register your email. This record is of absolute use of site management , especially to maintain contact and to protect it from spam. At no time information of emails registered this way will be used to send unwanted mail by the recipient, or for commercial purposes , nor be disclosed to third parties or made public on this site or anywhere else .

Other sections of this site have exclusive access to clients , and to access them it is necessary for the customer to authenticate providing a username and password that are kept in strict confidence within the site and , therefore , are not accessible to any other person who is not the holder of that username and password . EFECE & Asociados is responsible for assigning a unique username and password to its customers and they are responsible for their safekeeping.

In some sections of this site are links that allow access to pages of other sites on the Internet. These links have been placed for the user ‘s reference. Many times they can target primary and secondary sources that support or document the comments and articles published on this site . EFECE & Asociados takes great care in selecting the sources of information it uses, ensuring that they are official and internationally recognized. However, EFECE & Asociados is not responsible for the privacy policies of those sites.

The server hosting site is located in the state of California , USA , where non-personal information is collected from the traffic that originates from or is directed to this site. The information collected does not compromise users’ personal data , and in any case it is not disclosed to third parties . The purpose of collecting that information is purely statistical and is exclusive use EFECE & Asociados.